Getting published: Tips for emerging scholars


  • James Corcoran OISE/University of Toronto


English, Writing for Publication, Academic Writing, New Scholars, Emerging Scholars


This editorial begins with discussion of the pervasive global demand for emerging scholars to achieve a record of publication in order to gain academic advancement. Following an overview of the myriad challenges emerging scholars face in achieving this publication, the editor describes the helping role of the CJNSE's open mentored review process in mediating some of these challenges. The editor then provides some quick tips to help emerging scholars with their production, submission, and revision of academic writing for publication. The final suggestion forwarded by the editor is for emerging scholars to become involved with the adjudication process as journals in their (sub)disciplinary area(s) in order to expedite their academic enculturation and connection to their desired discourse communities.

Author Biography

James Corcoran, OISE/University of Toronto

James is a senior doctoral student in Language and Literacies Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. James' dissertation (expected defense July 2015) topic is Multilingual Scholars' English academic writing for publication. He is currently working as an English for academic purposes instructor at New College-University of Toronto.