Call for Papers for Spring 2017


Given the recent US election results normalizing white supremacy and fear of the non-white other, and the implications that these results have for citizens in the US and abroad, The Canadian Journal of New Scholars in Education is putting out a Call for Papers for its Spring 2017 publication, 'On the Importance of Intersectionality: Decolonization, Inclusion, and Diversity-Focused Pedagogies'. 


We at the CJNSE support the commitment of educators and educational researchers to the continued effort of providing inclusive and diversity-focused pedagogies to both children and adults within diverse educative spaces. It is only with this continued effort that our society can strive to uphold what we, as critical Canadian scholars, hold dear: educational and social spaces where children and adults feel safe, respected, and valued. 


Canadian Graduate students are invited to submit a paper that is research-based, conceptual/position-based, or a literature review for our themed issue: 'On the Importance of Intersectionality: Decolonization, Inclusion and Diversity-Focused Pedagogies’. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  • Anti-racism
  • Ableism
  • De-colonization
  • Gender studies
  • Classism
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Feminism
  • (dis)Ability Studies
  • Multiliteracies
  • Critical Literacy
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Refugees
  • Human Rights/Rights of the Child
  • Violence Against Women and Children
  • Mental Health
  • Pedagogies of Discomfort

Original work must include an abstract and a manuscript that does not exceed 5000 words (including quotations, notes, and references).  Please review our guidelines here and register to submit your paper by January 31, 2017