The Freshwater Copepod <i>Limnocalanus macrurus</i> in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago: Numbers, Weights, and Respiration Observed from September 1961 – July 1962


  • Spencer Apollonio
  • Jasmine E. Saros



Limnocalanus macrurus, Arctic lake copepod numbers, weights, respiration, Arctic lake metabolism


Numbers, weights, and oxygen consumption of the copepod Limnocalanus macrurus were measured through the winter 1961 – 62 under the ice of Immerk Lake on Devon Island, Arctic Canada. Maximum abundance was 2361 animals per m3 found under ice in mid June, average adult wet weight was 65 μg, and hourly oxygen consumption per adult ranged from 0.26 μg in late summer to 0.03 μg in early winter. The results are compared with results from Char Lake and Resolute Lake on Cornwallis Island, Arctic Canada. The Immerk population was more stable than those at the other lakes, and weights and oxygen consumption appear to be comparable. The seasonal breeding cycle at Immerk Lake was different from that at Char Lake and similar to that at Resolute Lake. A comparison of Immerk Lake data from 1961 – 62 and 1972 – 73 showed almost identical levels of total oxygen metabolism. Immerk Lake copepod oxygen consumption was 6.5% of the total lake metabolism, while that at Char Lake was 6%. These data may assist in future assessment of climate or anthropogenic changes.