Breeding Habitats and New Breeding Locations for Ross’s Gull (<i>Rhodostethia rosea</i>) in the Canadian High Arctic


  • Mark Maftei
  • Shanti E. Davis
  • Ian L. Jones
  • Mark L. Mallory



Ross’s gull, Rhodostethia rosea, breeding site, High Arctic, threatened species, polynya, biogeography


Published accounts list only four breeding sites for Ross’s gull (Rhodostethia rosea) in North America, but the discovery of additional breeding sites in Queen’s Channel, Nunavut, adds to growing evidence that this species is established as a regular breeder in the Canadian High Arctic despite its current status as a Threatened Species in Canada. We present nine breeding records of Ross’s gull in Canada. Five are from Queen’s Channel alone, and these include two new breeding records from 2011. The geographic proximity and similarity in topography, microhabitat, and interspecific nesting associ­ations that characterize Ross’s gull nesting sites in the Canadian High Arctic suggest that additional surveys of surrounding suitable habitat would confirm a stable and globally significant breeding population of this very poorly known species in North America.