Freshwater and Terrestrial Algae from Ny-Ålesund and Blomstrandhalvøya Island (Svalbard)

  • Gwang Hoon Kim
  • Tatyana A. Klochkova
  • Jong Won Han
  • Sung-Ho Kang
  • Han Gu Choi
  • Ki Wha Chung
  • Song Ja Kim
Keywords: algae, cyanobacteria, Haematococcus, Ny-Ålesund, species composition, Svalbard


A field survey of algae and cyanobacteria from terrestrial and freshwater habitats in the vicinity of Ny-Ålesund and on Blomstrandhalvøya Island (Svalbard) was performed in June 2009, and results were compared with data from our fieldwork in June 2006. In total, we identified 30 taxa belonging to 23 genera from the specimens collected near Ny-Ålesund (26 taxa) and on Blomstrandhalvøya Island (24 taxa). Five species previously unrecorded from this locality are depicted, including astaxanthin-containing Haematococcus sp. collected from Blomstrandhalvøya Island. This is the first report on a Haematococcus species from the High Arctic.