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Animal physiology, Artifacts, Beothuk Indians, Birds, Blood, Cold adaptation, Crabs, Echinoderms, Flow, Human physiology, Inuit archaeology, Creep, Dorset culture, Fishes, Grasses, Ground squirrels, Lichens, Lipids, Plant-soil relationships, Plant cover, Plant distribution, Plant succession, Research, Research funding, Roots, Seals (Animals), Sedges, Shrubs, Soil pH, Soil profiles, Temperature, Newfoundland, Labrador, Alaska, North Slope Borough, Barrow, Point, region, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Wainwright, Anaktuvuk Pass


The following [five] reports describe some of the work carried out with the assistance of Arctic Institute grants during the field season of 1949. [A archaeological research report titled "Archaeological reconnaissance in Southern Labrador and Northern Newfoundland" by E. Harp is followed by 4 reports on biological research projects: "Study of vegetation types in Alaska in relation to soil profiles and solifluction" by Herbert Hanson; "Study of the cryptograms of the Arctic Slope of Alaska" by George Lano; "The role of lipids in the adaptation of animals to various climates" by Xavier Musacchia; and "Study of peripheral circulation in the Eskimo" by Malcolm Brown, J.D. Hatcher, and J. Page.]






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