The Reindeer Industry in Alaska


  • Margaret Lantis



Documented analysis and history of the reindeer in Alaska from 1892 when the government imported domestic reindeer; Eskimo husbandry under government and mission auspices; commercial exploitation by Alaskan companies 1914-1939; and since 1939 the rehabilitation of the reindeer industry for benefit of the Eskimo, by the Reindeer Service of the Alaska Native Service. Includes discussion of herding problems: coast dwelling Eskimos' adaptation to inland herders' life, forage, pests, predators; technical and economic problems of slaughter and marketing meat, use of hides, etc.; data on size and distribution of herds. Remarks of Eskimos' interest in the reindeer business and ten recommendations for development of herds, exploitation of local markets for reindeer products, and restriction of reindeer business to native people for 15-20 years. Bibliography (12 items).