Journey Across the Nunataks of Central East Greenland, 1951


  • H.R. Katz



Nunataks, Koch, Lauge, 1892-1964


Contains an account of a trip made in Aug. 1951 by a three-man party from the Lauge Koch expedition, which met and joined for part of the journey on the icecap, a weasel-equipped party of the French polar expedition of P.E. Victor. The main results of this trip are briefly described here; for the scientific results, maps, etc., see Arctic Bibliography No. 23166. From Ella O (72 51 N, 25 02 W) a circular route within roughly 72 30-74 N, 31-24 W was covered by plane, weasel, and the northern leg of it, devoted to the study proper, on foot. Observations on temperature, winds, ice and glacier conditions were also made during the preceding, southwestern and western leg of the journey on the weasels in cooperation with the French party. Geology of the westernmost part of central East Greenland was found to be very complex, crustal movements having apparently occurred up to the most recent epochs; it was also discovered that the Caledonian belt extends westward beyond any outcrop that can be found and, that during the Late Precambrian the geosynclinal trough had its central parts west of the present fjord-region; the western foreland of the Caledonian Syncline is therefore expected to be reached in the northernmost area, somewhere between 80 degrees and 82 degrees North.