Northern Ellesmere Island, 1953 And 1954


  • G. Hattersley-Smith
  • A.P. Crary
  • R.L. Christie





Account of the Ellesmere Ice Shelf Expeditions, organized by the Defence Research Board and Geological Survey of Canada. On reconnaissance Apr.-Aug. 1953, G.F. Hattersley-Smith and R.G. Blackadar made glaciological and geological observations west from Alert to Markham Bay (including Ross River and Feilden Peninsula), east to Cape Sheridan, and southwest along Wood River toward the United States Range. In 1954 (Apr.-Sept.), G.F. Hattersley-Smith, E.W. Marshall, A.P. Crary, and R.L. Christie made their main base on the ice shelf at Ward Hunt Island (83 05 N, 75 W), from which trips were made east to Cape Albert Edward and Cape Columbia, and west to Kruger Island on the edge of Nansen Sound, completing glaciological and geological reconnaissance of the north coast of Ellesmere. On the ice shelf near the Ward Hunt Island base, geological, geophysical, glaciological and oceanographic investigations, survey and leveling work, and meteorological observations were carried on. Reports are made on the glaciological work by G.F. Hattersley-Smith; geophysical and oceanographic studies, by A.P. Crary; and geological observations, 1954, by R.L. Christie. New place names (11) submitted to the Canadian Board on Geographical Names, also records and relics recovered from cairns of earlier expeditions, are reported. The account is introduced by a useful summary of parties visiting Northern Ellesmere 1876-1951, and of work on ice island T-3.