Oceanographic Observations in the Canadian Arctic and the Adjacent Arctic Ocean

  • A.E. Collin
Keywords: Expeditions, Exploration, Geology, Glaciers, Gravity measurement, Logistics, Magnetic surveys, Measurement, Science, Seismic surveys, Thickness, Topography, Victoria Land, Antarctic regions, Adélie Coast, Rennick Glacier, Oates Coast, Skelton Glacier, Anarctic regions


... After the war arctic oceanographic investigations became more specific in character. The growing national interest in the North and the demand for information on the circulation, ice cover, ice movement, navigability, and the productivity of the waters led to the organization of a number of oceanographic cruises the result of which has been a vast accumulation of oceanographic observations within a very short time. The Fisheries Research Board of Canada has been instrumental in conducting a large proportion of this work beginning with the cruise of H.M.C.S. Magnificent and Haida to Hudson Bay in 1949. The same year the fisheries research vessel Calanus began investigations in Ungava Bay, and in 1951 and 1952 the motor vessel Cancolim of the Defence Research Board carried out oceanographic observations in the western Arctic. The surveys conducted from the icebreaker Labrador since 1954 have covered a large area of the eastern Arctic and have resulted in the first sequence of oceanographic observations to extend from Baffin Bay in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. ...