Geology of the Engigstciak Archaeological Site, Yukon Territory


  • J.R. Mackay
  • W.H. Mathews
  • R.S. MacNeish



Glaciation, Innissiaq Hill region, Yukon


Reports geological investigations is 1956-1957 to aid in dating the archeological finds. Quaternary sediments in a clay and a sand sequence are described; their stratigraphic relationships have been disrupted by soil movements resulting from freezing and thawing and from downslope creep. These soil movements, their mechanisms and rates postulated, apparently buried an organic layer containing artifacts progressively between two layers of marine clay. Due to overturning and mixing of layers of different ages, further complicated by a possible upthrust of the marine clay by glacier ice, the artifacts cannot be dated by geological means. From evidence indicating only one marine invasion coincident with glacial advance however, the archeological material is concluded to postdate the last Pleistocene glaciation.