Analysis of Some Stratigraphic Observations and Radiocarbon Dates from Two Pingos in the Mackenzie Delta Area, N.W.T.


  • Fritz Müller



Glaciation, Pingos, Stratigraphy, Glacial landforms


Reports investigations of the Ibyuk and Sitiyok pingos near Tuktoyaktuk, in May-July 1955. The former in the center of a former lake is 42 m high, 900 m in circumference at base; the latter 10 m in height, 210 m in circumference. The internal ice bodies and covering sediments are described and pingo age is estimated as 7-10,000 yrs for Ibyuk, 4000 yrs for Sitiyok. Occurrence of a late Wisconsin glaciation is indicated in the Ibyuk area and certain isostatic movements in the Mackenzie Delta. The land rose approx. 40 m over the last 12,000 yrs, also submergence of about 30 m with subsequent emergence was initiated by glaciation.