William A. Dotson


  • Arctic Institute of North America




Koch, Lauge, 1892-1964


Lieutenant William A. Dotson, USN, was killed on 27 November 1964 near Cape Newenham, Alaska, while conducting an aerial ice reconnaissance mission. An ll-year veteran of polar operations, Lt. Dotson was recognized for many outstanding contributions in the field of ice observing and forecasting. During tours of duty at the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, he pioneered in establishing ice surveillance in both Arctic and Antarctic Regions. He was an early proponent of the use of radar as an ice observational tool. Representing the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, he was instrumental in the success of the joint US-Canadian Project TIREC which was designed to exploit TIROS satellite sea ice photography for developing interpretation techniques. In June 1963, in view of his wide knowledge of pack ice he was selected as the first Naval Weather Service ice forecaster for the entire Alaskan area. Lt. Dotson's zeal and dedication will be remembered by the many ice scientists who have benefited from his endeavours in polar operations.