Chlorophyll in Arctic Sea Ice


  • S. Apollonio



Koch, Lauge, 1892-1964


Reviews investigations 1961-1963 into chlorophyll concentrations in sea ice in both arctic and antarctic regions. Results are compared with own researches off Devon Island, Canada, which are reported in detail. Chlorophyll a and c concentrations were obtained from underside of ice by a 7.5 cm diam ice corer and light penetration was measured by freezing a photometer into the ice; readings of both are tabulated. Chlorophyll values exceed concentrations in open sea water. The values were found to fall with increased light, and the high ratio of c to a is interpreted as a adaptation for maximum absorption of blue light through ice and snow. The algae are associated mainly with young ice peripheral to the Arctic Ocean. As a primary production resource, an estimated volume of 25 X 10*6 kg of chlorophyll a for a two-month for the arctic region is considered conservative.