Devon Island Programs, 1967

  • W. Barr
  • Paul E. Barrett
  • D.J.T. Hussell
  • Roger H. King
  • R.M. Koerner
Keywords: Acculturation, Anthropology, Community development, Economic development, Government, Indians, Inuit, Metis, Native urban residence, Publishing, Research, Research funding, Research organizations, Serials, Social change, Social interaction, Social sciences, Socio-economic effects, Universities, Canadian Arctic, Yukon, Ontario, Northern, Iqaluit, Nunavut, N.W.T., Baker Lake (Hamlet)


The Arctic Institute's facilities on Devon Island were again used during the summer of 1967 by field parties studying glaciology, glacio-isostatic geomorphology, periglacial geomorphology, ornithology, and botany. In addition, an expedition photographer recorded the summer's activities with still photographs and on 16 mm. colour film. Field camps were established at various locations and the studies were pursued from these as well as from the Base Camp close to Cape Sparbo. ...