• T.B. Owen



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... The Symposium was held in recognition of the construction and dedication of a new facility at the Naval Arctic Research laboratory at Barrow, Alaska. The Office of Naval Research undertook to support such a laboratory in 1947. In 1954, responsibility for the management and operation of the laboratory was undertaken by the University of Alaska .... The papers presented at the Symposium and published herein cover a spectrum of arctic research involving the terrestrial, the marine and the atmospheric sciences. I think that in these we see the responsibilities of my office being discharged by providing knowledge and, certainly at the laboratory, by applying that knowledge. We hope we are only on the first step of a major program of construction at Barrow so that we can continue to serve and give additional assistance to investigators who want so badly to do work in that very important region. ... I would like to express warm thanks to our host campus, the University of Alaska. We certainly appreciate the cooperation and support that this wonderful institution has given us over a period of years. ... I would like to thank The Arctic Institute of North America for the continuing interest it has had in working with the Office of Naval Research in the program of arctic environmental research, and more particularly for the excellent arrangements that were made in connection with this Symposium. I think that I can summarize my feelings by saying that it is a real privilege as Chief of Naval Research to participate in a cooperative program of arctic research in an environment that is so important to Alaska and to the nation with its benefits to our society, our economy and our national security.