Importance of the Radiocarbon Standard Deviation in Determining Relative Sea Levels and Glacial Chronology from East Baffin Island


  • J.T. Andrews



Birds, Winter ecology


Deals with the problem of error in estimating relative sea levels and glacial chronology in a small area where radiocarbon dates provide some chronological order, but where the precision of radiometric technique does not allow a clear-cut chronology to be developed on that basis alone. An equation is presented to predict postglacial uplift which is defined as the algebraic sum of the equation of the marine limit and the appropriate eustatic sea level correction. Using the head of Ekalugad Fiord as an example, author constructs postglacial uplift and emergence curves on the basis of the equation, and an equidistant diagram showing possible variation in relative sea level. Results indicate that glaciers lingered in the east and central Baffin Island valleys from 5700 to at least 4350 BP. Data for this study were gathered by Geographical Branch field parties during the Baffin Island Project, 1961-67.