Seasonal Climatic Fluctuations on Baffin Island During the Period of Instrumental Records

  • R.S. Bradley
Keywords: Active layer


Temperature and precipitation records for Baffin Island are examined on a seasonal basis for the last 40 to 50 years. Accumulation season temperatures (September to May) during the late 1960s were similar to those that prevailed 30 to 40 years ago. Ablation season temperatures (June, July, August) during the same period were cooler than for at least 30 years. Precipitation variations showed much less spatial coherence, but during the last 10 to 15 years there have been marked increases, mostly during winter months. These increases, accompanied by cooler summers and warmer winters, have led to increased glacierization of the area. The most recent fluctuation of summer temperatures is related to changes in the frequency of synoptic types in the area. Baffin Island is sensitive to small changes in climate that are only revealed by an analysis of temperature and precipitation on a seasonal basis.