Recent Year-to-year Variations in Seasonal Temperatures and Sea Ice Conditions in the Eastern Canadian Arctic


  • John D. Jacobs
  • John P. Newell



Atmospheric temperature, Climate change, Effects of climate on ice, Sea ice, Seasonal variations, Spatial distribution, Temporal variations, Baffin Bay-Davis Strait, Baffin Island waters, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic Islands, Canadian Arctic Islands waters


Mean summer and winter temperatures for the 1957-1978 period have been analyzed for four eastern Arctic stations. Standard deviations on the order of 3° C in winter and 10° C in summer indicate the magnitude of the interannual variations, and these departures are found to be synchronous over the region. Several indices of sea ice severity also show significant year-to-year variations, but these are not spatially coherent. Relationships between climatic parameters and sea ice are examined in order to explain these differences.