Periglacial Features From Morfee Mountain, North-Central British Columbia


  • Richard D. Revel



Mountains, Patterned ground, Periglacial landforms, Permafrost, Spatial distribution, Morfee, Mount, British Columbia


Six periglacial features (sorted polygons, sorted steps, sorted nets, sorted stripes, sorted circles, felsenmeer and a possible altiplanation terrace) are described from a new location in Central British Columbia (locally known as Morfee Mountain, 55 deg. 26 sec. N, 123 deg. 02 sec. W) between 1300-1650 m elevation. These features are local in distribution over an area of several square km. Observations on specific features indicate a continuum of intermediate forms between sorted nets, sorted polygons and sorted stripes. The elevation of these features supports the suggestion of Brown and Pewe (1973) that the lower elevation of permafrost and periglacial features should rise progressively southward along a north-south transect through the Western Cordillera.