Reminiscences: The Arctic Institute in the 1960s


  • John C. Reed



Arctic Institute of North America, Arctic Institute of North America. Arctic Bibliography, Bibliographies, Research, Research funding, Canada, Canadian Arctic


The author was the executive director of the Arctic Institute from 1961 until 1968 and his reminiscences deal with some of the financial problems and practices of the Institute during his term. Clearly, during his time in office, the provision of financial support for the organization was a dominant concern of the board and of the director. The increase in arctic interest and involvement in both Canada and the United States a little before and into the 1960s pushed the Institute toward an emphasis on service-type activities. The author was convinced of the growing importance of the Arctic to Canada and the United States. He was impressed by the stature of the members of the Board of Governors and others with whom he worked, and obviously he enjoyed directing the organization and felt that it contributed to a real and increasing need.

Key words: Arctic Institute of North America, international cooperation, research funding, arctic research, Arctic Bibliography