Bases for Field Research in Arctic and Subarctic Canada


  • W. Peter Adams



History, Research stations, Science, Canadian Arctic, Middle North


There are more than 50 field stations in northern Canada. These are operated by governments, universities and private agencies. Although many have a particular disciplinary bias, such as marine science, meteorology, native studies, archaeology, limnology, glaciology or biology, most are available to all researchers as a base of operations. Approximately half of the stations are in the Northwest Territories, the remainder in the Yukon and northern parts of the provinces. A table is provided indicating seasonal availability, particular research emphases, level of services provided, accommodation available and ownership. There is no user charge at some stations; most levy a daily fee. The highest cost in 1987 was just over $200 (food and accommodation) per day for the station on the Ice Island, then located northwest of Axel Heiberg. The paper also contains mention of 25 circumpolar stations outside Canada and a bibliography.

Key words: field stations, Arctic, Subarctic, Canada, circumpolar North