Omond McKillop Solandt (1909-1993)


  • Walter O. Kupsch



Arctic Institute of North America, Biographies, Research, Science Advisory Board of the Northwest Territories, Science Council of Canada, Solandt, Omond McKillop, 1909-1993, Polar regions


Dr. Omond Solandt is remembered for his significant contribution to northern scientific research. A fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America, he served as the first chairman of Defence Research Board. In 1948 he was one of the charter associates of the Arctic Institute of North America. Dr. Solandt was also selected the first chairman of the Science Council of Canada, established in 1966. In February 1963, he became president of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He was also the founding chairman of the Northwest Territories Science Advisory Board and directed its affairs from 1976 to 1982. For his many years of active service to Canada and especially the north, he has received numerous honorary degrees, awards and medals.