Elliot Merrick (1905-1997)

  • Lawrence Millman
Keywords: Biographies, Exploration, Merrick, Elliot, 1905-1997, Churchill River region, Labrador


... Elliot Merrick, Labrador author and traveler, died on 22 April 1997, less than three weeks before his 92nd birthday. Toward the end of his life, he would joke that he was so old that he'd become "historical". In fact, he was one of the last surviving links with pioneer Labrador - a place that makes the present-day Labrador of jet overflights and nickel mines seem like another country. ... Elliot Merrick made no contribution to science; his trips did not result in new maps being drawn up, and he did not make any major or even minor archaeological finds. But his books about Labrador will live on to enthral future generations of readers with the magic of the North.