Sightings of Belugas and Other Marine Mammals in the North Water, Late March 1993

  • P.R. Richard
  • J.R. Orr
  • R. Dietz
  • L. Dueck
Keywords: beluga, Delphinapterus leucas, North Water, polynya, aerial survey, winter, ice leads, Baffin Bay, walrus, narwhal, bowhead whale


Surveys of belugas were flown during March 1993 in Lancaster Sound and the North Water of Baffin Bay. Most belugas were observed along the shore leads off southeastern Devon Island and in the polynya at the mouth of Jones Sound. Our results confirm other published winter observations that belugas regularly occupy the North Water's leads and polynyas in winter. Walruses, narwhals, and bowhead whales were also seen during these surveys; their presence confirms the use of the North Water wintering area by several other marine mammal species.