Frank P. Hunt (1921-1999)


  • George D. Hobson



Biographies, Mapping, Surveying, Polar Continental Shelf Project (Canada), Scientists, Science, Research, Instruments, Expeditions, Logistics, Hunt, Frank P., 1921-1999, Canadian Arctic Islands


[One of Frank Hunt's many scientific contributions was the detailed mapping of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.] ... Although Frank Hunt began his career as a topographical surveyor, he went on to become an expert in linguistics. As field operations manager, he used his expertise to help others get out there and do their Arctic science. He was part of a small and dedicated group, working quietly and effectively in the background to ensure the safety and comfort of many Arctic scientists. ... Frank was elected an Honourary Fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America in 1975. He certainly contributed immensely to the knowledge of the Arctic by mapping the geography and by helping many of us do our science in the Arctic. He was awarded the Centennial Medal in 1967 and the Canada 125 Medal in 1992, both for service to his country. ...