Thomas Henry Manning (1911-1998)


  • Andrew H. Macpherson



Manning, Thomas Henry, 1911-1998, Travels, Zoology, Mapping, Snow Geese, Survival, Hares, Animal taxonomy, Polar bears, Caribou, Research, Cold weather clothing, Design and construction, Expeditions, Hydrographic surveys, Biographies, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Southampton Island waters, Hudson Bay region, Foxe Basin region, Melville Peninsula, Canadian Beaufort Sea, Banks Island waters, N.W.T.


Dr. Thomas Henry Manning, Officer of the Order of Canada, former Vice-Chairman and Executive Director of the Arctic Institute of North America, and famed Canadian Arctic expert, died on 8 November 1998 at Smiths Falls, Ontario, after a long illness. He was the author of more than fifty scholarly papers and reports, about half of them on zoological subjects, but he was probably best known for his record as an exceptional Arctic traveller on land and sea. ... Manning was awarded the Bruce Medal of the Scottish Geographical Society and Royal Philosophical Society of Edinburgh in 1944; the Patron's Medal of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 1948; and the Massey Medal of the Royal Society of Canada in 1977. He was appointed an Officer in the Order of Canada in 1974 and awarded an honorary doctorate of literature by McMaster University in 1979. Manning was exceptionally tough, vigorous, fearless, patient, hard-working and resourceful, qualities that made him the matchless Arctic traveller and scientist that he was, and earned him respect among Inuit and Southerners alike.