First Records of Sockeye (<i>Oncorhynchus nerka</i>) and Pink Salmon (<i>O. gorbuscha</i>) from Banks Island and Other Records of Pacific Salmon in Northwest Territories, Canada


  • John A. Babaluk
  • James D. Reist
  • James D. Johnson
  • Lionel Johnson



Beaufort Sea, Cache Creek, first record, Great Bear Lake, Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories, Pacific salmon, Sachs Harbour


Eight sexually mature sockeye (Oncorhynchus nerka) and one sexually mature pink salmon (O. gorbuscha) were captured in the subsistence fishery in the Sachs River estuary at Sachs Harbour, Banks Island, Northwest Territories (NT) in August 1993. We also report a first record for coho salmon (O. kisutch) in Great Bear Lake, NT. These capture locations are well outside the known distributions for the species. A pink salmon captured in the West Channel, Mackenzie River near Aklavik, NT, and a chum salmon (O. keta) from Cache Creek [Little Fish Creek], NT, also represent new capture locations within the distribution of the species.