Biogeography of Freshwater Ostracodes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

  • Joan Bunbury
  • Konrad Gajewski
Keywords: ostracodes, distributions, biogeography, limnology, paleolimnology, Canadian Arctic


Seven species of freshwater ostracodes were identified from the sediments of 43 lakes on eight islands across the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. No ostracodes were encountered in the sediments of almost half of the lakes, and most were found at sites that had higher alkalinity. Several taxa endemic to Arctic regions are found across the Arctic Archipelago, including Candona rectangulata Alm, Limnocythere liporeticulata Delorme, and Tonnacypris glacialis Sars. The distributions of Cytherissa lacustris Sars, Cyclocypris globosa Sars, Limnocythere sappaensis Staplin, and Limnocythere (Limnocytherina) camera Delorme are more limited; this fact is attributed to differences in ion composition and concentrations.