Eighteenth Century Labrador Inuit in England


  • Marianne P. Stopp




Labrador Inuit, voyages to England, portraits, Mikak, Tutauk, Karpik, Attuiock, Ickongoque, Ickeuna, Tooklavinia, Caubvick, Nooziliack, George Cartwright, Moravians


In the late 18th century, a number of Labrador Inuit were at different times taken to England. Their lives, journeys, and likenesses were unusually well documented through writings and portraiture. Presented here are the histories of Mikak and her son Tutauk, brought to England by Francis Lucas in 1767, and of Attuiock, Ickongoque, Ickeuna, Tooklavinia, and Caubvick, who traveled to England in 1772 with Captain George Cartwright. These individuals, especially Mikak, played a part in Britain’s expansion along the northeastern seaboard of Canada. Although the story is relatively well known to students of northern history, this retelling details source material and also clarifies discrepancies found in earlier publications. The portraits, which include two previously unknown depictions of Labrador Inuit, are particularly striking for their ethnographic content.