Tuktoyaktuk Declaration: Coastal Zone Canada 2006 Conference Statement, 18 August 2006


  • The Coastal Zone Canada Association




At the seventh biennial Coastal Zone Canada Conference (CZC ‘06) held in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, on the theme “Arctic Change and Coastal Communities,” 270 participants identified priorities that require immediate action if we are to take advantage of opportunities and address challenges of Canada’s northern ocean. These views reflect perspectives of aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians from across the country, with a significant majority being from the Canadian Arctic, including Inuit and Inuvialuit leaders and elders deliberating through the Conference’s Northern Forum, and young people from across Canada through the Youth Forum. The action priorities relate to the Arctic Ocean and northern agenda of the Government of Canada, the next phase of Canada’s Oceans Action Plan, and commitments for research, dialogue, and engagement.