Sustainable Energy Development in Canada's Mackenzie Delta–Beaufort Sea Coastal Region


  • Keltie Voutier
  • Bharat Dixit
  • Peter Millman
  • John Reid
  • Adam Sparkes



sustainable energy development, Beaufort Sea, Mackenzie Gas Project, Beaufort Sea Strategic Regional Plan of Action, Devon Canada Corporation, Inuvialuit


The oil and gas sector is returning to the Mackenzie Delta–Beaufort Sea region of Canada’s western Arctic after a decade-long absence. If brought into production, the hydrocarbon resources in this region could generate significant long-term economic and social benefits for Canadians in general and for Northerners in particular. An evolving regulatory environment, the impacts of climate change, and a lack of infrastructure, however, are creating unanticipated challenges for industry and regulators alike. In addition, aboriginal and other northern stakeholders are largely supportive of oil and gas activity, but only provided they have assurances that communities will benefit and that any negative impacts will be mitigated. Regulators, industry, and stakeholders are, therefore, working closely together to ensure that resource management balances economic, environmental, and social considerations.