Special Issue (Vol. 71, No. 5) Supplement 1 Arctic Observing Summit 2016


Three papers from the Arctic Observing Summit 2016 held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in March 2016 have now been published online and are open access. All content is available at:


The North Pole Region as an Indicator of the Changing Arctic Ocean: The Need for Sustaining Observations
James Morison, Jeremy Wilkinson, Matthew Alkire, Frank Nilsen, Igor Polyakov, William Smethie, Jr., Peter Schlosser, Frédéric Vivier, Antonio Lourenco, Christine Provost, Jacques Pelon, Cecilia Peralta Ferriz, Michael Karcher Benjamin Rabe and Craig Lee

The Distributed Biological Observatory: Linking Physics to Biology in the Pacific Arctic Region
Sue E. Moore and Jacqueline M. Grebmeier

Sustained Observations of Changing Arctic Coastal and Marine Environments and Their Potential Contribution to Arctic Maritime Domain Awareness: A Case Study in Northern Alaska
Hajo Eicken, Andrew Mahoney, Joshua Jones, Thomas Heinrichs, Dayne Broderson, Hank Statscewich, Thomas Weingartner, Martin Stuefer, Tom Ravens, Mark Ivey, Amy Merten, and Jinlun Zhang

Observing System Simulation Experiments and Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis: Methods for Observational Programs in the Arctic Ocean
Oceana Francis, Gleb Panteleev, Max Yaremchuk, Vladimir Luchin, Jacob Stroh, Pamela Posey, David Hebert

A Standardized Ecosystem Classification for the Coordination and Design of Long-term Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring in Arctic-Subarctic Biomes
Donald S. McLennan, William H. MacKenzie, Del Meidinger, Johann Wagner, Christopher Arko