Teacher Education and Teaching: An Introduction to Special Issue #2


  • Bonnie Watt University of Alberta



Author Biography

Bonnie Watt, University of Alberta

Bonnie Watt is a faculty member involved in the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) area for the Secondary Education Department at the University of Alberta. Her research interests include CTS program development, curriculum, pedagogy, and teacher education; youth and adult school to work/school transitions; dual credit; apprenticeships; and policies related to education, training, and work. Dr. Watt is currently working on research projects that critically: a) examine school to work transitions by means of secondary school apprenticeships, b) explore high school apprenticeship by comparing factors influencing the effectiveness of programs, c) investigate the strengths and weaknesses of different models of apprenticeship, d) assess practices about CTS teacher recruitment, retention, and education; e) study the restructuring of the CTS program of studies, which informs the design, content, and delivery of CTS teacher education programs; and f) analyze how the restructured CTS program of studies might advance young people’s connections between high school (e.g., off-campus education programs and other subject areas), post-secondary education, and paid work.




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Watt, B. (2021). Teacher Education and Teaching: An Introduction to Special Issue #2. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 67(1), 1–2. https://doi.org/10.11575/ajer.v67i1.72133