Aligning Goals for Certification and Professional Growth: Building Cooperation Among Bachelor of Education Programs in Alberta


  • Amy Burns University of Calgary
  • Patricia Danyluk University of Calgary
  • Jodi Nickel Mount Royal University
  • Astrid Kendrick University of Calgary
  • Theodora Kapoyannis University of Calgary
  • Elizabeth McNeilly University of Calgary



This article chronicles a provincial collaboration between ten Bachelor of Education degree-granting universities in Alberta, Canada. This collaboration focused on the newly implemented Teaching Quality Standard (2018) in Alberta and its impact on preservice teacher practicums. Data were collected through curriculum mapping and interviews at each institution. Each institution analyzed their own data and shared themes at a number of group meetings. Two common themes arose: (a) the interconnectedness of practicum and teacher education courses and (b) the role of the Teaching Quality Standard as a development tool within practicum.
Key words: teacher education, practicum, teaching quality standard, postsecondary collaboration

Cet article relate une collaboration provinciale entre dix universités de l'Alberta, au Canada, qui décernent des baccalauréats en éducation. Cette collaboration s'est concentrée sur la nouvelle norme de qualité de l'enseignement (2018) en Alberta et son impact sur les stages des enseignants en formation initiale. Les données ont été recueillies par le biais de la cartographie des programmes d'études et d'entretiens dans chaque établissement. Chaque établissement a analysé ses propres données et a partagé les thèmes lors de plusieurs réunions de groupe. Deux thèmes communs sont apparus : (a) l'interconnexion des stages et des cours de formation des enseignants et (b) le rôle de la norme de qualité de l'enseignement comme outil de développement dans le cadre des stages.
Mots clés: formation des enseignants, stage, norme de qualité de l'enseignement, collaboration postsecondaire

Author Biographies

Amy Burns, University of Calgary

Amy Burns is an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs in Education with the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Her research centers on systemic thinking in education, particularly on the narrative experiences of those who hold formal leadership positions within those systems. Additionally, she researches the development of systemic thinking and leadership competencies among preservice and early career teachers.

Patricia Danyluk, University of Calgary

Patricia Danyluk grew up in northern Manitoba where she spent the early part of her career working with remote First Nations and Métis communities. Dr. Danyluk joined the Werklund School of Education in 2014 after working at the Laurentian School of Education for ten years. She completed her Ph.D. at Laurentian University, her Master's in Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University and her B.Ed. at Nipissing University. Dr. Danyluk's research focuses on pre-service teacher development.

Jodi Nickel, Mount Royal University

Jodi Nickel is a Professor of teacher education at Mount Royal University where she has supported the development of program outcomes and practicum assessment tools. In her previous role as department chair, she served on the broad committee that developed the Alberta Teaching Quality Standard. Her research has focused on higher level thinking in reflection journals, the emergence of professional identity for teacher candidates and early career teachers, and the ways a literacy tutoring program contributes to teacher candidates’ ability to teach responsively. She has also served as the president for the Canadian Association for Teacher Education and edited two CATE publications.

Astrid Kendrick, University of Calgary

Before taking on her current role of Director, Field Experience (Community-Based Pathway), at the Werklund School of Education, Dr. Astrid Kendrick was a K-12 classroom teacher for nineteen years specializing in Physical Education and English/Language Arts. Astrid’s current research focus is on compassion fatigue, burnout, and emotional labour in Alberta educational workers and improving online learning through integrating podcasts. She is a member of the advisory circle for the Alberta Teachers Association Women in Leadership committee and is the co-chair of the Health Promoting Schools Collaborative for the southern Alberta region.

Theodora Kapoyannis, University of Calgary

Theodora Kapoyannis is the Director of Field Experience (On-Campus Program) in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Theodora completed her PhD in 2018 at the University of Calgary specializing in Language and Diversity. She has served in many instructional leadership roles within K- 12 schools and has been a consultant for Alberta Education, and non- profit organizations. Her research interests include pre-service education, adult learning, language learning, diversity, and design- based research.

Elizabeth McNeilly, University of Calgary

Elizabeth McNeilly is a recent Doctoral graduate from the Werklund School of Education. Her research interests stem from 13 years of teaching secondary English language arts and her experiences with LGBTQ2S+ students. Elizabeth’s research interests include teacher preparation and mentoring, curriculum development, classroom culture, design-based teaching, adult learning, transformative learning, diversity and tolerance education, and family transitions. 



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Burns, A., Danyluk, P. ., Nickel, J., Kendrick, A., Kapoyannis, T., & McNeilly, E. (2022). Aligning Goals for Certification and Professional Growth: Building Cooperation Among Bachelor of Education Programs in Alberta. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 68(1), 103–118.