Children’s Gendered Drawings of Play Behaviours


  • Tabasum Akseer Queen's University
  • Mary Grace Lao Brock University
  • Sandra Bosacki Brock University



social-communication, gender, play behaviours, education, children's drawing

Author Biographies

Tabasum Akseer, Queen's University

Tabasum Akseer is a doctoral student in the Cultural Studies Department at Queen's University, Kingston. Her research interests include investigating government policies and discourse on immigration and the construction of citizenship.

Mary Grace Lao, Brock University

Mary Grace Lao is a Master of Education graduate of Brock University. Her research interests lie in youth culture and its effects on identity development.

Sandra Bosacki, Brock University

Sandra Bosacki is an Associate Professor and teaches in the Graduate and Undergraduate Department of Education at Brock University. Her teaching and research interests focus on children’s and adolescents’ social and emotional development within learning contexts.


How to Cite

Akseer, T., Lao, M. G., & Bosacki, S. (2012). Children’s Gendered Drawings of Play Behaviours. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 58(2), 300–305.