The Learning Garden: Ecology, Teaching, and Transformation by V. Gaylie

  • Wendy Nielsen University of Wollongong
  • Peter Andersen University of Wollongong

Author Biographies

Wendy Nielsen, University of Wollongong
Wendy Nielsen is a science educator with many years of classroom science teaching experience in British Columbia, now working in Australia. In her current position as a lecturer in science education, she co-teaches education for sustainable development with Peter Andersen and teaches science methods subjects in the Faculty of Education. Research interests include teacher development through culturally responsive and community-based pedagogy, communities of practice for teacher learning, using technology to support science teaching and learning, and metacognition in science learning.
Peter Andersen, University of Wollongong
Peter Andersen is a secondary teacher with many years of teaching experience who is currently a doctoral candidate and lecturer in the Faculty of Education. His dissertation research explores how children’s learning about environmental issues in school is consequential for family discussions and the possibility for intergenerational influence and behavior change in their homes and communities. His research will advance understanding of the implications of school-based efforts to promote environmental stewardship.