Kindergarten Teachers’ Beliefs About Students’ Knowledge of Print Literacy and Parental Involvement in Children’s Print Literacy Development

  • Jacqueline Lynch York University


This research was an exploratory study in a large city in central Canada that examined kindergarten teachers’ beliefs about students’ knowledge of print literacy, as well as their beliefs about parental involvement with children in print literacy activities. The role of families’ socioeconomic status was examined in relation to teachers’ beliefs. Based on completed questionnaires, significant differences were found in teachers’ beliefs about aspects of children’s print literacy knowledge as well as in areas of parent-child print literacy involvement based on the SES of families. Findings from this research provide important insight into kindergarten teachers’ beliefs.

Author Biography

Jacqueline Lynch, York University
Jacqueline Lynch is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education. Her research interests include early literacy development and family literacy.