Contemplative Pedagogy and Revitalization of Teacher Education

  • Heesoon Bai Simon Fraser University
  • Charles Scott Simon Fraser University
  • Beatrice Donald Simon Fraser University


The prevailing conception and practice of education perpetuates a civilization saturated with a deep sense of ontological disconnect and axiological crisis in all dimensions of human life. We examine the disconnect from body, senses, and world in the practice of education. We explore the possibilities in the burgeoning contemplative education movement for reconnection offered by holistic, experiential approaches to learning, in particular, contemplative practices that manifest the arts of somatic, sensuous, relational, and contextual awareness.

Author Biographies

Heesoon Bai, Simon Fraser University
Heesoon Bai is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education. Her current research is in contemplative inquiry and pedagogy. Her work has been widely disseminated through numerous journal articles, edited books, conference presentations, and public lectures ( She is the Editor of Paideusis, an international journal affiliated with the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society (; and Coordinator of the Philosophy of Education Doctoral Program (
Charles Scott, Simon Fraser University
Charles Scott is a doctoral candidate in the Arts Education program whose scholarly interests are in conceptualizing and applying dialogue and contemplative practices in educational settings, considering how artistic practices inform contemplative practices, and conceptualizing and developing academic literacy.
Beatrice Donald, Simon Fraser University
Beatrice Donald is a psychotherapist and supervisor at a family services agency in North Vancouver, BC, and a doctoral candidate in the philosophy of education. Her research is in the phenomenology and pedagogy of sandplay, a creative-expressive therapy for children and adults.