Understanding Hong Kong Business Teachers in Action: The Case of Formulation of Teaching Strategies


  • Christina Wai Mui Yu Hong Kong Institute of Education




This article examines four categories of teaching strategy used in business classes by a group of 26 secondary school business teachers in Hong Kong, using grounded theoretical coding techniques in the analysis. Each of the teaching categories is illustrated with typical extracts from interviews and is discussed in relation to its effectiveness and the formulation of teaching strategies. The study found that the teachers used varied teaching approaches to develop students’ competence, with diverse considerations of influential factors in formulating their teaching strategies. It is recommended that teachers increase their awareness of their teaching approaches in classroom practice, formulate the most effective teaching strategies for their business classes, and develop an open learning space to promote their professional judgment on the formulation of teaching strategies.

Author Biography

Christina Wai Mui Yu, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Christina Wai Mui Yu is an assistant professor of business studies in the Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Technology Department. She has been teaching business and business teacher education courses for 22 years. The curriculum and pedagogy of business education are her areas of specialization.