Contingent Conditions of Change: An Exploration of Feminist Theatre Practice


  • Sarah Twomey



This article explores how critical pedagogy and theatre arts can examine difference, change, and transformative possibilities in public spheres of educational practice. This narrative study offers a useful contribution on how theory, research, and practice can contribute to new ways of framing transformative feminist pedagogy in school cultures. I give an overview of critical pedagogy and the intersectionalities between concepts of liberatory pedagogy (Freire, 1970a) and the work of Brazilian theatre activist Augusto Boal (1979, 1992, 1995, 1998). I discuss how Boal’s philosophy and techniques of theatre of the oppressed can intersect in various ways with theatre arts curricula and feminist pedagogy. Using a case study of a young women’s theatre project Realtalk, I propose a postfeminist pedagogy and conditions for a form of radical education that offers a particular understanding of the complexities of how power is negotiated in schools across difference.