Motivational Influences to Pursue Graduate Studies in Secondary Music Education


  • Thomas J. Dust



Motivational influences on the decision to pursue graduate studies in secondary music education were investigated. The population of secondary music education graduate students in one large Canadian university (N=13) completed a survey that included both open-ended and closed-ended response items. The greatest motivational influences to pursue graduate studies were found to be: (a) intellectual development, (b) personal development, and (c) professional development. The motivational influence Need to Refresh showed the most diversity and elicited the most prose response. Standard deviations indicated that on most items the response group was homogeneous. All results were consistent across gender and degree program, master’s or doctoral. In contrast to similar studies of educators in general, the influence of Potential Monetary Gain was not identified as important. Demographic information supplied by respondents indicated that the typical secondary music education graduate student in this university was 30 or more years of age and had five to 14 years of teaching experience. Results of this study cannot be generalized beyond the population from which the data were collected.




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Dust, T. J. (2006). Motivational Influences to Pursue Graduate Studies in Secondary Music Education. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 52(2).