Liberalizing Career Education: An Aristotelian Approach


  • Emery J. Hyslop-Margison



Liberal education is traditionally defined in opposition to vocational study. This article proposes an expanded approach to liberal education that encompasses contemporary career preparation programs by implementing an Aristotelian intellectual virtue framework. Although liberal study typically reflects its lineage to theoretical wisdom, or sophia, it virtually ignores the fundamental role played by productive wisdom, or techne, in Aristotelian thought. By applying the intellectual virtue framework to various career education programs, areas of required reform are identified. Two central questions are addressed by the article: (a) how can career education be integrated into secondary school curriculum without compromising student agency and democratic citizenship? and (b) how can secondary school career education prepare students more effectively for the challenges of contemporary working life? The final section offers a series of proposals in response to these two key questions.




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Hyslop-Margison, E. J. (2002). Liberalizing Career Education: An Aristotelian Approach. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 48(4).