The Ability of Grade 5 Students to Use Radarsat Satellite Images


  • Joseph M. Kirman
  • Stephanie Busby



This exploratory study examines the ability of grade 5 students to interpret selected elements of a Radarsat satellite radar image. The participants were provided with images of their neighborhood, downtown Edmonton, and the town of St. Albert for instruction. They were then tested with an image of Calgary similar to that of their own neighborhood. The participants were able to interpret successfully most elements of the image, but not as successfully as had as grade 6 students in an earlier study. Based on performance there is potential to use Radarsat satellite fine mode images for geography instruction at the grade 5 level. An attempt was also made to see if the grade 5 students were able to work directly with the Radarsat data CD-ROM. The CD-ROM proved difficult for the students to use, but the CD-ROM program tools allow teachers to produce hard copy images that can be customized for their students' use.