Beef focus group: Challenges facing the sector


  • Rachelle Drummond
  • Guillaume Lhermie
  • Caitland Reynolds
  • Elena Vinco
  • Shawn Wiskar



The Simpson Centre initiated a focus group for agricultural industry stakeholders specifically in the Canadian beef sector to gauge their opinions on the current interaction of this sector with policy, the challenges that are specific to this sector, and their short-term and long-term priorities. The majority of concerns and frustrations that were voiced by participants involved a lack of parity and revenue flow between the various aspects of the beef industry, as well as a lack of accurate representation and industry knowledge by policy makers, which many believed had resulted in an abundance of red tape. Nearly all participants spoke to specific challenges they face within the sector that included the cold climate within Canada that makes it harder to compete on an international level and maintain the daily tasks of a producer, as well as challenges facing the longevity of the industry in Canada and incentivizing younger generations to join the sector.







Briefing Papers