HSP-90 Local Conditions and Rates of Homelessness in Canada


  • Ronald Kneebone University of Calgary
  • Margarita Wilkins




According to recent estimates (ESDC, 2019a), on an average night in 2016, over 14,000 people slept in an emergency homeless shelter in Canada. In that year, approximately 129,000 Canadians stayed at least one night in an emergency shelter. This number is relatively easy to determine because providers know the number of people sleeping in their shelters each night. But many more people than this experience homelessness. Their experience with homelessness means sleeping rough on the street or in locations unfit for human habitation. This latter group of people, those experiencing what is referred to as unsheltered homelessness, is rather more difficult to enumerate. An accurate count of the number of people experiencing homelessness is difficult for this reason. It is especially difficult when the goal is to derive a national estimate of the total number of people experiencing homelessness.





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