Grown Locally, Harvested Globally: The Role of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canadian Agriculture

  • Robert Falconer University of Calgary
Keywords: temporary foreign workers, immigration, supply chain, agriculture


In this paper, we provide a broad overview of the TFWs working in the agricultural sector of each province. This includes those involved in primary labour efforts to harvest crops and tend to animals, as well as those involved in processing foodstuffs and transporting them to their destination. We begin by briefly outlining the TFW program and a short analysis of the reason farmers and other businesses in agriculture hire them, followed by a description of the numbers in each province. Finally, we provide the ratio new permanent residents working in those sectors, and show how only a limited number of TFWs in agriculture have the ability to land permanently in Canada. We conclude with some short suggestions for further research, and ideas to consider for policymakers concerned with securing Canada’s agricultural sector, and further labour conditions and outcomes for immigrant workers.