Alberta’s Civil Society Pre- and Post-COVID-19: What’s government got to do with it?

  • Alina Turner Fellow, School of Public Policy
  • Camilo Camacho Escamilla Manager, Research & Policy, HelpSeeker


The 2020 provincial budget prioritized civil society as a critical partner to improve wellbeing for Albertans. A Premier's Charities Council is being proposed "to advise government on how best to assist the efforts of civil society groups in helping to make Alberta a more compassionate society, preventing and reducing increased social problems." But what exactly is civil society and what is its role in the province’s future?

This briefing paper defines what civil society is, then examines the level of interdependence between civil society organizations and the provincial government. Finally, we reflect on ways to move towards a more independent and self-sustaining civil society in Alberta.

Briefing Papers