Nurturing Global Growth Companies: Time For a New Policy Toolkit

  • Pierre Lortie


The recent report of the Council of Canadian Academies (2018) on the state of science, technology and industrial R&D in Canada provides an authoritative assessment of where Canada stands relative to our major competitors.  The CCA report reveals that Canada remains strong in several fields of research; the recent Nobel awards in widely different domains of physics to Arthur B. McDonald ( 2015) and Donna Strickland ( 2018) and the granting of the A.M. Turing Award to Canadian computer scientists Yoshua Bengio (2019) and Geoffrey Hinton (Toronto, 2019), provide ample support for this assessment. More generally, Canadian scientists are highly regarded; their average citation rank is above the world average in all fields and Canada stands in fourth place in terms of research reputation.  Of particular concern, however, is that compared to other OECD countries.

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