The Various Structures For Granting Petroleum Licenses Around the World

  • Darryl Egbert
  • Brian Livingston


This paper summarizes the various structures used throughout the world to grant petroleum licenses to industry wishing to develop an oil and gas resource. It describes the various structures that are used, i.e. concessions, production sharing agreements, joint ventures etc. The paper goes on to describe the various economic obligations that governments impose on industry in return for granting rights under its petroleum licensing system. Finally, it describes the various processes used by governments to grant these right, i.e., a public auction of generic rights, a public request for proposal and negotiation, a restricted invitation and negotiation etc.


As a general theme, the paper concludes that no one petroleum licensing system or process for granting rights can be used in all cases. Rather, it suggests that these concepts should be tailored to the type of oil and gas resource to be developed.


The paper also contains a schedule describing the petroleum licensing systems and award process used by several countries.

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